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Problems Sendming Email?

Most of the time, the problem is because of security features which are in place to prevent you from receiving spam. We at Symphony Hosting have implemented additional security features designed to prevent the propogation of spam (junk email) using your domain name.

In order for you to send email through an IMAP or POP client (such as Outlook or Netscape), you must first check your email. Your username and password must be authenticated you before you can send an email. Authentication lasts 30 minutes, so you must check your email less than 30 minutes before sending your message.

Additionally, it is become common for Internet Service Providers to block their customers from using an outgoing mail (SMTP) server of their choice. Among those are Cablevision's Optimum Online and Cox High Speed Internet. If you subscribe to Optimum Online and are having problems sending your email, change your outgoing mail (SMTP) server to If you subscribe to Cox, change your outgoing mail (SMTP) server to If you are not experiencing any problems, your settings do not need to be changed.


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